Cybersecurity Academy

We are pleased to offer a new advanced program for maintaining the preparedness of dedicated technical teams through HANDS-ON training. This combination of presentation, workshops and simulations based on real-life events develops the abilities in problem-solving and strategy creation capacity. Within this framework, advanced scenarios, professional literature, and familiarity with real assault events create a well-designed program.


Need Cybersecurity Training?

Consider the costs for a business interruption due to a cyberattack.

Threats are in a continuous state of evolution.

Whether your team is experienced or not, everyone who participates in attending our courses finishes by learning new skills ready to use productively in their work.

Every organization needs an immediate and complete picture of what is happening within the network, thus helping to respond immediately to the incident. We recommend commencing your training with “Network Research”

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests help find flaws in the system to take appropriate security measures to protect the data and maintain functionality. This training focuses on running a penetration testing and take on the complex task of effectively targeting and planning a penetration in a traditionally secured environment.

Windows Forensics

An essential skill in the cybersecurity world. Participants will learn how the Windows OS stores data, learn to investigate during and after a cyber incident. The training will focus on developing hands-on capabilities of forensics teams or individual practitioners.

Network Research

Aimed at the basic worlds of information security with the help of Linux and familiarity with various attacks in the worlds of security. The course sets the groundwork for later specialization in cyber forensics, advanced cyber defence, and penetration testing.

Cyber Range simulator

Watch this 7-minute video demo of the Cyberium Arena powered by ThinkCyber. All participants are given 24/7 access.

Cyber Warfare

Provides an advanced understanding of cyberspace operations, the complexities of the cyberspace environment, and planning, organizing, and integrating cyberspace operations. The trainees practice the different attack methodologies during the training, learning advanced penetration techniques inside and outside the organization.

Projects and Excercises

Learn by doing. Hands-on experience gives you the opportunity to try immediately following a presentation to reinforce your memory with a tactile experience.

Do you have a group ready to learn?

Our unique training courses are normally five days of live instructor-led training, and the schedule is flexible. Supposing your group can only attend one day per week? We will try to match your team with others sharing the same objectives. We allow customization of content to meet your exact training needs. 

Our Most Popular Cybersecurity Courses

Cyber Warfare

RT420 – 40 hours

Network Research

NS106 – 40 hours

Windows Forensics

BT210 – 40 hours

Penetration Testing

BT212 – 40 hours

Why Choose Us?

We offer live instructor led training with hands-on practice.  We cater to groups learning together.

Online pre-recorded courses are known to have a 97% dropout rate. Learning solo is extremely hard and so when material becomes difficult (which it always does) people leave.

With our learning approach, people can track their progress. They have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to learn from other participants’ questions during the live sessions.

Our Customers

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